Fashion design - graphic design - textile design student needed


Hi everyone, 

we are a group of six people from LCF (Fashion Management) and we are working on our school project. We have to simulate a business and, therefore, we need to create a product and sell it from May to June. 

We would like to create rounded towels but we need help to manufacture them. Our idea is to buy terrycloth or some similar fabric (we still have to decide which one so It would be helpfull to collborate with someone who study design) cut it and make  make it circular. Depending on the fabric we find we would like to print something on it (maybe here a graphic or textile design student will be very helpfull) if the fabric is of a plain colour otherwise just leave it like it is. Finally we would like to put some colourful tassels on the border (see enclosed picture, something exactly like this) but, again, we need someone who is good at sewing. 

Please contact us at if you believe you can help us so that we can also talk about salary and compansation. 




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