New Arrivals

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When you first start at UAL you are given a temporary password which can only be used three times to log in to UAL services. Although your email will continue to work, you will not be able to access most other UAL services... including Commonplace.

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About New Arrivals

If you're preparing to pack up your treasured belongings and move away from home for the first time, this section's for you; students talk about what to bring (and what not), how they felt about leaving home, tips for International students in a new country and thoughts about starting their course. Whether you’re new to the city or a native Londoner, you’ll find helpful insights from people who’ve been there and come out (smiling) the other side.

Freshers Fayre 2016

We met new and continuing students at the Freshers Fayre at Chelsea College of Arts and asked them to share their tips...

Fighting Homesickness

Homesickness is by far the largest difficulty a lot of students have had to face during first year.

Stay Motivated

Some mornings it can be hard to convince yourself to get out of bed and go to your lecture, or continue working on your project.

Moving to London

Moving to London is a pretty big deal; you’re in a brand new extremely busy environment which can be daunting.

Money Management

As a university student managing your money is definitely one of the hardest tasks as well as trying to multitask with your studies and home/accomm


Working from home allows me to constantly get distracted and lose focus - from the things on my desk, to messages on my phone, I always seem to los

Don't stress, enjoy!

Starting a new chapter of your life can be exciting but also overwhelming! From what I've learned from my experience, don't worry too much!

Being a Shy Student

Starting university can be scary – and things certainly aren’t easier if you’re a quiet student who doesn’t make friends easily. The good news is: you’re not alone!

Hello, it's Tania!

Hello everyone, I thought it was time I introduced myself. I hope you've been enjoying browsing in commonplace!

5 Reasons to Join a Society

There are currently around 50 clubs and societies at UAL, involving thousands of students and offering countless possibilities.