A Guide to Peckham

Peckham is said to be the best place to in live in London right now – and I agree.

second year

 Starting second was very exciting as I was looking forward to learning new things and getting closer to final year.

Best Food Places

Living in London especially south east London you realise just diverse the city really is when it comes to food.

Enjoy London for free

During discussion on the topic of living in London, you often hear the statement “You can’t really enjoy living in London unless you have a lot of

NUS Card

An easy way to save some money.

Moving to London

Moving to London is a pretty big deal; you’re in a brand new extremely busy environment which can be daunting.

A better Elephant & Castle for UAL

In 2014, plans of a new, green and more liveable Elephant and Castle where unveiled and since then, as a UAL student, the journey to uni has been p

How London changed my accent

It has now been three years since I moved to London, a lot has changed in that time, for one i have matured to the point of not being rec

Money Management

As a university student managing your money is definitely one of the hardest tasks as well as trying to multitask with your studies and home/accomm

A Small Guide To South London

I was born and raised in South London, so going to a university in the South East is more than convenient for me but for those who are coming from