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The all-nighter misconception

Your tutors and peers will tell you to maintain a healthy work schedule filled with plenty of breaks, based around starting early and finishing at

Making London Cheap as Chips

When I'm in my hometown, an unheard of place in the Southwest, whenever I tell someone that I study in London they seem to go into an accute state

6 months on

6 months after finishing my MA in Documentary Film at LCC and unfortunately I’m not working in documentary film.

Variable stir fry

This is an adaptable stir fry based on your likes, dislikes, eating requirements and most importantly, what's in the fridge.



Because it's a proportionately cheap vibrant area. It's much cheaper than Brixton, Camberwell, Clapham and most places in the East.
South Bank!

Manna Ash House

I love living at Manna Ash because of its location, I enjoy walking along South Bank, but also being able to walk to almost anywhere within central Lo

Curd Rice

A dish from the southern parts of India, it has been one of my favouraties and easiest food to make.