A belated 2015 All!

We hope you enjoyed the holiday break and are back refreshed and motivated for 2015. A reminder to get posting your articles to commonplace, tell us about your first term, getting through the winter blues or an amazing venue, cafe, place you've found in London that you want to share with other UAL'ers. Articles=Amazon vouchers up for grabs...

Canary Wharf - Isle of Dogs - London

Canary Wharf

Everything you need as in shops places to eat, relaxing and quiet during the weekends if you like being away from crowds. Stress Free Environment.
National Student Money weeks 9-22nd Feb

National Student Money Weeks 9-22nd Feb

National Student Money Week(s) are upon us! Get freebies, tips and advice from the Student Advice Service team at your college over the next 2 weeks...

Den Udon, Kings Cross

Review: Den Udon, Kings Cross

Self claimed ‘evangelist’ of Udon, Den Udon opened its doors on 15th December 2014, right before the holidays and the start of university vacation.