Summer term is here

We hope you're well rested after the Easter break and ready for the hectic fun of the final term. If you're a 1st year, well done for getting this far- we hope it's been a good (possibly rollercoaster year). If you're a 3rd year preparing for your final show and life post graduation- good luck, you're going to do great! Meanwhile, if you're just looking for something relaxing to do in London check out LCC's Magazine Publishing & Journalism students suggestions. As always, this is your space to share stories, recipes, reviews etc... post something and we'll enter you into a monthly £50 Amazon voucher draw. 

Elephant and Castle Student guide 2016 image

Student Guide to Elephant and Castle 2016

The Elephant and Castle Student Guide 2016 for places to eat, drink and be entertained in the area around London College of Communication. Illustrated by Illustration and Visual Media students at LCC

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Favourite Holiday Destinations

With the summer here and everyone deciding where they should go on holiday, what would be your favourite holiday destination?

Homemade Burgers

 Burgers are as popular as ever and one of my favourite meals, but the only issue is when dining out they can be quite expensive.

Stay Home, Or Move Away

The latest figures from the Higher Education Funding Council for England show that 23 per cent of 18- and 19-year-olds in England and Wales studyin

Local Sporting Stadiums

Many people say that London is the home of Sport, and with the array of sporting grounds accessible in the countries capital, it would be extremely

Living on a Budget (and sticking to it)

Okay so you've made a budget plan and you're confident you'll stick to it, but then you see a new outfit you just have to have, or that flat meal o

Stay Motivated

Some mornings it can be hard to convince yourself to get out of bed and go to your lecture, or continue working on your project.

A Guide to Peckham

Peckham is said to be the best place to in live in London right now – and I agree.

second year

 Starting second was very exciting as I was looking forward to learning new things and getting closer to final year.

Best Food Places

Living in London especially south east London you realise just diverse the city really is when it comes to food.