Consider the Egg this Easter

Easter is coming. It doesn't matter if you are Christian or not, we are not turning our noses up at couple of paid days off and eating chocolate wapped in the campest outfits.

Nicolas the host

The Chicken Shop, Tooting

“This is the one hipster place in Tooting” Ella danced across the road towards the chicken restaurant opened by The Soho House last November.

The worst service ever...

Today I was walking along old street, it is a good area in Shoreditch with great galleries and nice restaurants

Top tips for surviving third year

These costume ladies have got it all under control- Don't PANIC!

Top Tip for final year:

Immerse yourself in your course

Take away bottles? Yes please!

Damson & Co, Soho

That’s it! I am giving up being grumpy. Well, okay at least just temporarily.


New Opening: The Wren Coffee

London coffee shops are all to often, these days, the same industrial metal and wood aesthetic. A spattering of black on the walls and a few bearded baristas discussing the merits of natural versus fully washed coffees.

Brighton Beach in February

Spring trip to the Beach

By this time of year I feel fed up of the rain, the grey sky and general winter glum of the city. I am left feeling desperate for a holiday, and were it not for a non existent budget, I'd be on a plane to the Caribbean around about now

CSM Digital Present Blog

If you want a brief(ish) description of how and why commonplace came about, have a look at the Digital Present blog from CSM

Green Juice Drink

Everyone's talking about juicing and green smoothies, here's my super easy recipe to keep you healthy in the winter months.