Here's to Spring Term at UAL

Hi all, we hope the Spring term is going well for you - despite the cold weather! Do you have any tips for keeping the winter blues away or comfort food recipes to share with others to make the cold dark days more palatable? We are super keen that you get involved in commonplace and if you post something (a story, exhibition/cafe/restaurant review, recipe, top tip...) we'll enter you into an end of month £50 Amazon voucher draw. Hope to hear from you soon. Commonplace team X

Candy coloured houses

Summer in The City

Everyone wants to make the most out of their Summer whether you’ve got the whole of the season off or if you just want to do fun activities in betw

London street scene photograph

From Home to Halls

Moving away from home to go to university is a scary concept for many soon to be first year students and London may seem even scarier due to it’s s

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Dealing with Job Rejection

Trying to get a job can be frustrating and dispiriting experience. However, rejections are an inevitable part of the job hunt process. It’s how you learn from them and move on that really matter. Here are some tips to help keep your confidence intact: